Pencil drawing – Still Life


This one’s from a long time ago! I don’t even know how long.

















  • That is very cool!!

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  • Very lovely, Sarah, and I don’t mean to make light of it, but I have to tell you, the part on the right side, the long thing with two drops under it — reminds me of Lowly Worm in the old Richard Scarry books. Do you know Lowly Worm? He was one of our favorites — I even made a birthday cake for one of my kids one year that looked like lowly worm, and sewed one another time, even found a doll’s shoe that worked perfectly for it. I wonder if Lowly is still in a box somewhere… thanks for the reminder!! I loved Lowly!

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  • Wow! So… what don’t you do well? Please tell me you can’t understand a sheep’s conversation, or you’ve never walked a tight-rope over Victoria Falls… just something – anything… 🙂

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    • I am terrified of heights! Definitely not going to do the tightrope thing anytime soon.
      Here’s an odd fact: I am ABYSMAL at flower arrangement. Every time I try to put together a bouquet, somehow the flowers, which are some of the most beautiful things our graceful earth has to offer, turn out scraggled, pathetic, and absolutely NOT something you would want sitting miserably on your dining room table.
      On a related note, I’ve killed 99% of the plants I’ve ever owned.
      I do, however, speak fluent sheep. Sorry about that one 😦
      What are you bad at?

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      • I’ve tried pretty much everything from carpentry and building down to fine embroidery, (apart from plumbing, electrical installation and extreme sports, so I can’t comment on them). I’m crap at the following: knitting, swimming, dancing, freehand writing, sticking to routine, novels, political diplomacy, making conversation in a room full of strangers, keeping in touch with my friends, and relationships with adults who have those strange dangly bits between their legs – unless they’re gay or family, or both. Oh, and I bow to your superiority; I never got the hang of the language of sheep, or dog, or even French human beings. Shame on me.

        Also, I often ruin sensible conversations, which brings me to my final fault; I can’t fly. I wanted to, so I invented a God and made myself into an angel, but it turned out someone had already invented God, and God had come to believe in himself. He called me a naughty fairy and took away my wings. I hadn’t even learned to loop the loop.

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        • I’m crap at tact, ballroom dance, sales, relationships with beautiful people, looking at people when they talk, getting to meetings on time, staying serious when people trip, fashion, remembering faces, being psychic, pretty much anything competitive or requiring physical superiority. Oh my god political diplomacy is an option? Mark me as a big fat NO on that one.
          I’m surprised you’re bad at novels! Not sure I believe it.
          If the good Lord didn’t want you to fly, he wouldn’t have created duct tape! Strap those babies right back on, English mechanic style. Maybe this is just another one of his convoluted and incomprehensible tests.

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          • Reminder to self: Don’t try to eat one of my brother’s delicious home-made, vegan, double chocolate chip cookies while reading a message from Sarah. You never know when she’s going throw a hilarious sidewinder, making you inhale delicious particles of aforementioned delicious cookie into your windpipe.

            It’s true about the novels – by the time I’m halfway through writing them I’m bored with the characters and the story. That’s one of the reasons why I like writing poetry.

            You’re bad at relationships with beautiful people? I envy you! I’m bad at relationships with both beautiful and ugly men, and everything in between. I’m so stupid that I’m blind to the ugliness. I’ve chucked the men out and finally learnt what it is to have a whole cheesecake to myself.

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