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under the drill

Gadzooks! I forgot to post this morning!



the dentist

drills to shave the edge off my crown




I take myself away.

Relax into the pain.

everything I have learned

from years of dysmenorrhea

comes instantly into play.


Relax more.

it’s that or wriggle

and you best not wriggle

under the drill.

it’s not very sensitive, is it? he says.

nooo… that hurt. I reply

and we all have a good laugh.


how strange we humans are.

how trusting.


I open my mouth again

and let him do it

ten more times.














Lump Bump


I didn’t finish my comic page today either! But I got some work done on it so I’m happy.

Here’s another old poem, recovered from the journals.



Is this what seduction is?

Lump lump bump bump

All I can do is stare

And wonder at the reaction

Of a Vulcan mind meld

With the office chair

Which sits blankly

Watching us

As its stuffing detaches

And dust gathers

In its joints













I reaped a cloud


I reaped a cloud

with my little finger.

What a day that was.

I took it home

Put it in a jar

And labeled it

Do not open til Christmas.

But it got the cap loose

While I had it in storage

And it suffocated my family

For its vengeance.

I had reached too high.

I might have known

I couldn’t keep a cloud.














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