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This one was almost too random to share (I have a lot of poems tucked away that are too random to share) but I kind of liked it so, brace yourself, because here it is. It’s got the rhythm of a slam poem.



There are
In reality
Starting to fall through the
In reality
And I can feel the changes coming
This wonderland
Hasn’t got wonder
Just sand
There are monsters here
Things looking queer
An animal drinking a beer
An over involved
Barrister hamster
Marry me sir
I have to see
What this land can do to me
I want to live
Of this headfuck
We can do it together
Together you can pull me
From this
Alternate reality
Life isn’t supposed to be
A sleeper city
With sleeper people
We need release
We need to be free
Sees us
But he won’t believe in us
When we ask him to help
He cries a single tear
And walks away
This hurts me more than it hurts you, he says
And we bleed
We bleed bleed bleed
We planted a seed
And it’s come to fruition
It’s perdition
Karmic condition
This is our reality now
We contrived it
Now we have to
Survive it.














The Turning: A Masterpiece by the Great Sarah Silvey


Hey kids! Shameless promo here: my book doesn’t suck.

Dark fantasy. It’s got monsters, blood n guts, good friends, terrible enemies, swordfights, adventure, psychic powers. You know you’re curious. You like my writing, right? So why wouldn’t you like the book? It’s lots of fun, with just the right amount of fucked-up. I’ve had a smattering of reviews so far, all positive.

On Amazon:

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I am insanely grateful to anyone who buys it. If you leave a review (preferably a kind one) I will have big puppy eyes for you. And if you leave an unkind review, I will go walleyed and wander off a cliff. Just kidding. I’m already walleyed just from bringing attention to myself. < _ >

I’m getting impatient with work again. It’s driving me to further myself creatively. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just stay home and write all day, every day…

Maximum love and minimum crazy,














The Reader


I long for worlds I have never seen.

I am weak with nostalgia for people I’ve never met.

I grieve, broken from the loss of an imaginary friend.

I am giddy at the prospect of pretending to meet these nonexistent loved ones again.

A show every Friday night at seven.

New chapter release on the first of the month.

The game comes out in time for Christmas.

I am fulfilled, thrilled, excited

I laugh, fight, cry, fall in love, win, lose,


Able to forget

For a brief span of time

That this adventure too must end

And I will be faced

With the dead air

The closed book

The black screen

And unforgiving reality.














Everyday magic


My last two posts were so serious, I had to write something stupid to make up for it.



“Great,” Edward said. “I can’t get the damn lever unstuck.”

“Oh,” Wendy said. “Should I try a spell?”

“I don’t know…”

“Oh, let’s try!” She said, suddenly enthusiastic. “I’ve been practicing.”

He grimaced in spite of himself. “I’m not sure. The lever already has a lot of magic in it just to work.”

“Pish posh,” she said. “Scootch over. Humbeldy bumbeldy wobbledy fobbledy bing bang boom, now move anyway you dumb old lever!”

The lever moved alright. It moved a full three hundred sixty degrees, and went around three times.

“Oh my god!” Edward screamed. “It can’t handle that much pressure! Run, Wendy, run!”

They ran, but they didn’t run fast enough. The whole house gave a deep metallic groan, the sound of a soul in anguish. They actually felt the walls around them bow with pressure. His ears popped.

And then the plumbing exploded.

Water and feces rained down on them both.

“Goddamnit Wendy,” Edward said. “Next time the magic toilet gets stopped up, just leave it to the professionals.”

“Don’t blame me,” Wendy said. “You broke the lever in the first place.”

“Great,” he said. “This is just great. We’re going to have to move out, get the whole system repaired.”

“I can seal the pipes,” Wendy said. “I know a spell for that.”

“No no no no no–”

“Pish posh,” she said. “Move out of the way.”