We sat on our hill and she taught me a song


We sat on our hill and she taught me a song.

I remember her laugh when I got the words wrong,

I remember the way the grass tickled our feet,

And the flowers I tucked in her hair looked so sweet,

But I ruefully deem the dream as incomplete.

Though deep I have delved and long I have sought,

I cannot recall what she patiently taught.






  • Hi—

    How the hell are you—Fresh Hell? It’s been a while. You ok? Doing other creative things, I hope?

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    • I’ve been on a personal health journey during the pandemic. I discovered that when I eat a low GI, anti inflammatory diet, my moods are a lot more stable! On the other hand… Now that my moods are more stable, I’m not sure what to write about anymore, haha.
      I think I’ve emerged from hibernation… I’ve said that before but I’ll dare say it again!


    • Tell me about you. How are you! What did you learn this year? 😁😉


  • Learned I’m not an ambivert, as I’d thought, but an introvert who’s perfectly happy not leaving my comfy home.

    Still writing political stuff you won’t want to read, but preparing to move elsewhere blog wise.

    I have stomach problems all the time. Care to describe your diet?

    And I have total faith a creative blast is forming within your disinflamed persona.

    Have no fear.

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  • This reminds me that you remember people for how they make you feel even when you forget what you said or did. Love you Sarah! Big hugs to you! Mona 😘

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  • Thank you for that; hope it’s continuing to help.

    And what a lovely visit you made to my blog, sprinkling likes so generously—even reading stuff you probably had to force yourself to bother. Much appreciated!

    Please don’t hibernate; I love your quirky mind and style.

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    • No, politics may not be my favorite thing but I’m interested in what you have to say! I chose the articles I wanted to read 😀 I know you’ve researched thoroughly and I really appreciate that.


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