under the drill

Gadzooks! I forgot to post this morning!



the dentist

drills to shave the edge off my crown




I take myself away.

Relax into the pain.

everything I have learned

from years of dysmenorrhea

comes instantly into play.


Relax more.

it’s that or wriggle

and you best not wriggle

under the drill.

it’s not very sensitive, is it? he says.

nooo… that hurt. I reply

and we all have a good laugh.


how strange we humans are.

how trusting.


I open my mouth again

and let him do it

ten more times.














Tonight was a bust

I was going to draw tonight, but I didn’t complete anything. It’s the cat’s fault. He crawled into my lap, working his way much higher than usual, leaving no room for my clipboard and pencil. Then Molly joined him, and they squeezed their eyes shut in perfect kitty bliss, as if to say, “Drawing can wait. Enjoy your snuggles to the fullest.”

Everybody knows you can’t win against a cat. I had no choice but to submit to their mighty influence.














When the world is first frostbitten


When the world is first frostbitten

tender trees touched in thin ice

When summer shows its back

abandoning you for a faraway land

When winter’s wan face smirks at your peephole

hard fingernails tapping your door

knowing it will soon be strong

enough to crack your lock and let itself in

When everything disintegrates into blue and white and crispy brown

and the wind, mad surgeon, lacerates your summer softened skin


then the clouds part

affording you



of heavenly light

a welcoming patch in which to stand


When you know you are about to lose it for good

that is when the warmest sun shines














The Writer


Touch my hand

I will transport you

No more real world

No more problems

Be someone else now

Feel what they feel




Isn’t it comfortable

Living vicariously

Isn’t it soothing

To watch someone else suffer

Guilt free

To spy on them in bed

To leer at their relationships

To know all their private jokes

To feel them holding hands

To watch them hurt each other

To watch them hurt themselves

Doesn’t it feel good

To be helpless

To be God













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