Impressions of a River

We walked on a sandbar

stepped where a blue heron stepped

the four lines where its foot fell

pressed into crackles by our weight.


We found warm shallows

where life abounded

mollusks the size of our palms

had pulled themselves across the floor

doodling blind, directionless lines

searching for I do not know what


We found a gar

dried to leather

black as driftwood in the moist sunshine

sunken eyes like leather coins

expressionless, shriveling down

to its primeval skull.


We found wet clay 

as deep as our knees

We mired ourselves on purpose

and struggled back out again

Pretending we were dinosaurs

Or maybe the making

of some new fossil


Everything on the riverbank leaves a trace

Every path is printed


That is until

the water rises, falls

and refreshes itself.

Each rainfall rinsing

the palette clean.


  • Beautiful vivid imagery here!

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  • Love loved it !! Especially the phrase sunken eyes like leather coins

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  • “refreshes itself” spoke to me – thank you Sarah

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  • This feels like a river and a walk alongside it, and I especially liked the mollusks “doodling blind, directionless lines”, which took me back to finding snails in my neighborhood creek.

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  • Sarah,
    I loved this. It makes me think about the fact that I recently purchased two pieces of driftwood. It would have been really nice if I could say I found them. Picked them up from a sandy beach or that I found them melting away in the deep woods of some mystical forest. Well, in essence I did find them…just not in nature. I discovered them at the Canton, Texas, First Mondays Trade Days flea market. And yes, I paid good money for these two pieces of driftwood. They’re really cool, though, and they came from under the lake or swamps or a swampy lake north of New Orleans; perhaps they were grazed by gators, snakes and other underwater creatures before the two-legged kind hauled them out of their watery graves to sit on pedestals in my home. I’ve had so many thoughts about where, what and how they came to be…and how they came to me…and where they’ll end up…in a lifetime from now. Anyway, I loved what you wrote. Hugs to you my dear friend! Mona

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