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Another meeting doodle. Partway through I started trying to draw reflected light. I think it’s the first time I’ve been remotely successful at it.















Couple’s Portrait


My sister-in-law asked me for a comic style portrait of her and my brother, which I was happy to attempt… well, it maxed out my skills, so I should be happy with the result. Hehe. In retrospect I think I tried TOO hard! I should have been looser about it. They both look happy, and that’s what’s most important. Any further comment I can make is just me telling my brain to shut up already. Shut shut up it’s fine shut up.
















Inktober – day 5

I actually enjoyed drawing this one, and it shows. Not one drip either! Except for a little scrape of the pen on the corner of the page, which doesn’t bother me. I’m mostly happy with this guy… at least right now. He’s the least stupid thing I’ve drawn so far this month.