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Humans are flexible.

We meet the shape of our confines.

We grow to fit

We stretch

We shrink

We can adapt to any situation.

We live in prison.

We live in snow.

We even breathe underwater now.


I often dream I can breathe underwater.

That I figured out how.

Just breathe slowly

That’s all there is to it

Just breathing


Is key.



If we just breathe slowly

We can survive anywhere.














This moment

Happiness is

A hot mug on a cold day

Someone kind to sit with

A comfortable cat on your lap

Happiness is

The ability to make your own choices

His profile when he’s driving

The first bite of a cheeseburger.


Happiness is when things rebalance

Delay and satisfaction

Cold and warm

Hunger and satiation.

Happiness is to be present

Fully aware of reality

And nothing else.

No past, no future, no illusions.


Happiness is watching your socks while waiting for the microwave

A furry blanket

The unique way she tells stories

Happiness is feeling safe during the rain

Looking for the most perfect flower in the yard

A story like music

Music like a story

A color that glows

The smell of freshly baked bread

Clean hair after a shower

His fingers intertwined with yours

When the movie theatre darkens

and the score thrums alive.


Happiness chooses a moment

holds it softly in her warm hands

until everything pauses.


My head is a jigsaw puzzle

My head is a jigsaw puzzle.

Every once in a while

If I have a lot of quiet time to focus

I manage to put together enough of it

I can almost make out the image

I can almost touch


And then life shows up

With his goddamn beer bong

And his asshole friends

Somebody starts swinging punches

And they knock over the whole table.

To Rendezvous with Time

When I was a child

Time and I were friends.

We used to sit together

Enjoying the sunset through the trees

Spending evenings after dark watching fireflies

Just feeling the cool air nip at our fingertips.

But time and I had a falling out.

I stopped communing with her. I started making demands.

I told her what to do, what needed to be done. She was never enough for me.

She fled

As time is wont to do

I chased her too hard

But time cannot be tamed

She must be approached with respect.

When you calm down

She’ll come back and join you.

But only if you give her a place to sit.