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Inner Kitten

I didn’t draw tonight! Too too tired.



inside of me is a tiny kitten, shivering

it only eats hugs and chocolate

it must be well fed

it eats every thirty minutes

if it doesn’t get its food

it starts to see monsters

In the shadows on the walls

it shuts its eyes and imagines

and if you let it alone too long

it panics.


here kitty kitty

don’t be scared

these monsters you see

are just your own shadow

this thing with claws

that’s you

this thing with horns

that’s you

this red wall

that’s you

all of it is you

but it’s no use

talking to a kitten

when all it really understands

is hugs and chocolate.














Inspired by Word of the Day prompt.



I am

a spider-smear on the wall

a tired little sigh from an old lady on the bus

gum on the sidewalk




Then you turn your head and look at me

You can see me.

I look down at my new hands

I am a woman, with such hands as these?

Is this shining hair my own?

And these strong legs carrying my weight?

I daren’t look in the mirror yet.

Not until you prove my face real

with a kiss.






Me, ranting opinions on my opinions

Ehhh, I don’t even think this counts as a poem. It’s just me venting again. It hurts to post! I should have a “hurts to post” category.





My own personality exhausts me.

I’ve had it up to here with myself.

I know all my tricks.

How can anyone give a shit what I’m saying?

Maybe I’m trying too hard.

No, that’s not right

Maybe I’m retrospecting too hard.

Blah blah blah all I have to offer are opinions

Ten day sale only! SO CHEAP SO FREE

If that doesn’t make you want them then try this on for size

Free baseball cap with my face stamped on it

Free t shirts also with my face

This one is of my cats, got a lot of merch related to that.

Merchandise. Mercenary. Merch. Merc.

Buy my shit

Take my shit free

What I’m selling

Is charisma

Long lasting brand

It’s guaranteed to smell up your living room

For a full six hours.


Haha… I have a Boring Complex

Is this why I write?

No… when I don’t write, this is the reason why

Because of my Boring Complex

This is why I write when I’m alone

This is why it’s hard to share my stuff

And the funny thing is I know I’m not boring

I’m super weird

But I still have this fear

Just like I know that the harness will catch my fall

But I’m still afraid to rock climb too high.


Phobias are stupid.

There are so many things in life

Which are stupid.


I think I wore myself out yesterday trying to impress

I had my good poem posted and reposted and complimented and discussed

I was on my best behavior

I can be really good when I need to

But OH MY GOD I’m exhausted

New people, compliments, this and that

Let me put on my big fake face and say how I love their compliments

But I don’t love compliments

I am too crazy for that

I love them as people for making the compliments

I love their sweet intentions

I love that the poem touched them

But noooo compliments make me crazy

See? Look at me right now. Crazy.


I decided when I started this blog to be brutally honest

To practice who I am

My writer side which I always hid

My emotional side which frightens and confuses me

My opinionated side which risks being wrong

All the gooey parts.


So I got a few new followers

They’ve seen my magnum opus to date

I WILL disappoint

But if I’m not allowed to be a hack

The writing won’t be fun anymore.


Oh god I’m gonna make myself post this aren’t I.

Well, new followers. Consider yourself warned. Hopefully you enjoy the smell