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A careless hand
Tossed seed hulls out the window.
A sunflower grew there
Piercing the well groomed lawn
Loomed over by bureaucratic bricks
Yet always facing the sunshine.
A little bit of wildness
A flash of bright orange
Had forced its way through.

In the name of homogeneity,
Somebody mowed it down.

Now a squash is growing along the standard landscaping wall.
Curling neon green tendrils,
A line of coral blossoms
In bright flagrancy.
















The honeysuckle is invasive here.
It was choking out my air conditioner
With its overwhelming childhood nostalgia
So I hacked its head off
Its arms legs feet
All that is left
Are oozing stumps.
Brutality the only solution.
It’ll come back.
The roots are too deep, too strong.
Honeysuckle smells sweet
But like a fixation
If you let it
It can overwhelm your present.