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There’s a light in your eyes that I’ve never seen before. I can’t read it.
Then I’ll read your lips. Kiss me.
They’re cold.
Is it over?
What did you find out about yourself?
I don’t think I’ll ever understand.
I miss you already, and you haven’t even walked out the door.
It’s only a matter of time.
I am so lonely. I’m lonelier with you by my side, than I think I would be alone.
You left the house warm. But you returned different.
What did you find out about yourself?
Do you know what I lost for you?
Do you know what I would lose again?
I would clutch you close, if there was a shred of connection left between us. Even a filament is enough to start a bridge. But the space between you and me is already too vast. No rope, no tree roots, not even a spiderweb.
I see you across the expanse and think, what made our bridge fall?
Why won’t you talk about it?
What did you find out about me?













In a sunset


In a sunset

Colors too vibrant for nature

Colors only possible in nature

Radiant sunlight slanted

Clouds catching sideways shafts

Brilliant port red, ember orange, incandescent yellow

All colors churned with fire.

Turn around and see

Indigo, cobweb blue, periwinkle, dusty rose

Cool colors fading fast, even they had heat.

The light moves to new horizons

And we are left walking away from the departing evening

Facing the arrival of winter’s night

Heralded by a solitary bird

And our footsteps in gravel.














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