Quitting sugar

I’m just not up to snuff tonight, so here’s something abstract and random.




I had a headache this afternoon because I quit sugar again.

I’m not good about staying off of it.

My tolerance keeps building up and then I have to quit again.


Trickling stream

Sourced from the abundance

I hear crystal sounds

I hear the water spray

I hear the rocks


They go deep, deep

I hear the earth

It is the source of all magic

I hear myself

I hear you

I hear the plants, the animals

I feel the connection

We are all

One great big


Biological unit.

This earth

Sustains itself

Even the air is part of us


The earth is a great big chocolate truffle

With a moist outside

Several crispy layers of rock and earth

And on the inside

A warm, spicy, molten core.

I just quit sugar today

Unfortunately I can’t partake

I’ll not be a part of the planet today thank you very much

I’ll just sit on the sidelines and watch.

But before you know it

I’ll build up a tolerance

And find myself eating it again

I just love

That earthy flavor






  • I’m feeling guilty now, Here I am munching on a bar of Lindt Extra Dark Chocolate, On Mother earth you do taste so sweet.
    “The earth is a great big chocolate truffle
    With a moist outside
    Several crispy layers of rock and earth
    And on the inside
    A warm, spicy, molten core.

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  • Maybe, you’re too sweet for sugar.

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  • Wow. Besides the sugar addiction, you sound psychic.

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    • …everything except the sugar addiction was a lie.
      I am the worst psychic ever. I get like, lower than straight-up chance should get on psychic tests. Ghosts won’t touch me. Everything my senses tell me is wrong. Anyone who tries to be psychic to me is wrong. I’m worse than hopeless in this area, I’m a psychic vibe killer!


    • Are you psychic? Or diabetic?


      • Your poetry speaks otherwise. And, psychic ‘tests’ I question. Who was testing? How did they test? Method? What criteria?

        ‘Ghost’ detection or sensitivity is not like what Hollyweird portrays. And, psychics trying to ‘read’ you, I would also question. Reading someone is not static, easy or cut & dry. What were they reading for? Did they approach you or did you go to them & pay for something?

        Reading other people’s energies is a dynamic process AND it takes practice. For some, it is natural. For others, they have to work at it. Some folks are natural musicians. Others have to struggle to get good.

        Yes, I have some latent abilities and a few stories of ‘happenings”. But, I am hardly a strong medium nor do I “channel” (thank goodness).

        I am not diabetic tho I have family members who are. I changed my diet drastically in 2010 when I am positive I was close to developing it.

        Ever done any past life meditation?

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        • I just can’t make myself believe in the past life thing, so I’m not really motivated to meditate upon it. It might be fun though, maybe I’ll try. I feel like you have to really believe that stuff or else nothing will happen, though.
          However, I have spend a lot of time trying (and failing) to do an out of body experience.
          I have also managed to do lucid dreaming a couple of times, but I lost my motivation.
          I’ve done self-hypnosis before too, usually to try to get myself to go to sleep back when I had trouble with that.
          I can see an aura against a dark background, but if I close one eye it goes away, so that tells me I’m not really seeing an aura, just a slight residual image from the nondominant eye.
          Yeah, I was never good at reading people in the most literal terms. I identify pretty easily with autistic/Asperger’s people. I’m shit at even recognizing faces. One day a coworker came in with no makeup and I had to stare at her a while and watch her gestures while she talked to me before I was sure which girl she was.
          Oh, I’m so glad you’re not diabetic! I was kidding when I asked and then I realized I would be kind of sad if you were and I’d drawn attention to it.
          The supernatural fascinates me though. Have you seen your past lives? Do tell!

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        • Oh, I failed to answer your question.
          Psychic tests like, on the computer you’re supposed to guess which card will come up a star, or a line, or a circle, or whatever. I suck at those. Or even just guessing games, where my nieces ask which hand behind her back is holding something. I’m probably about 80% wrong, much to their amusement.
          The other day I was with two friends. None of us professes to be psychic but just for fun Lena asked Katy to read her tea leaves. Katy did, and the reading sounded startlingly like something could be in Lena’s future, or at least in her heart (hiking boots, a mountain range, a goat. She’s often talked of getting a solitary little place and raising goats). Then she did my tea leaves, and everything she came up with just made me blank out. I seem to recall she saw a chipmunk, and… a bunch of different animals, none of them with heavy symbolism, and certainly none that meant anything to me personally.
          I’m a Capricorn but the descriptions never really apply to me.
          Anyway, you get the picture.
          Are you working to develop your abilities? Or are you trying not to?

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  • Oh, I hear you! One of the trickiest substances to quit because it’s EVERYWHERE. I content myself with having a few days a week clear of it – it feels like the best I can manage. Love your description of the Earth and its molten core. When I was a kid, I’d walk to school imagining the walls were marzipan, the iron railing liquorice, red bricks stacks of biscuits sandwiched with chocolate cream. I always did have a sweet tooth!

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    • Yeah… I keep quitting over and over too. It’s hard to quit for good, when all your friends are addicts! 😉
      Oh my gosh, why didn’t I imagine that when I was a kid? I think because deep down I was too practical, the whole candy house thing always bothered me because it’d be stale and wind-blown with dirt and fingerprinted. I was more the type to imagine myself as an explorer, alien, hero, etc.
      Mmm, I could eat those bricks.

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