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everything in miniature


i am nature blown small
the wind blows
i sigh
the trees bend
i lean
the earth quakes
i crack

channeled throughout with warm waters
tributaries of blood
ebb and flow in pulsing tide

on the spinning earth
my toes dig for purchase
running the surface

we lonely seek where we belong
how can we be alone
belonging anywhere we seek?














There may be such a thing as too much perspective


Life has been on earth for five billion years.

We’ve seen five mass extinctions. We’re currently undergoing the sixth,.

There have been many geological and biological factors for the extinctions. The famous meteor impact. Volcanic activity. Thriving plants altering the chemistry of the atmosphere. Imbalanced ocean water. 

Have you ever looked up a video of the tectonic plates shifting? Landasses are just the dried pudding skin on top of a swirling hot ball of magma. Watch them float and mash into each other.  https://youtu.be/IlnwyAbczog 

I looked at Google maps today and zoomed out until I could see the earth as a globe. The land masses still look like liquid. They’re clearly made of a slow-flowing substance. Look at the tip of Africa. It’s crumpled.

How small we are. We run and scream and fret about the mess we’ve made of things. What absurd hubris. We aren’t the first and we won’t be the last. And unless something integral about us changes, we certainly will not survive as a species beyond another few hundred thousand years.

Only one thing is for sure: the algae always wins.














Earth elemental

Fleshy segments

Burrow through the power of patience, appetite, numbers

Tiny grains of life


Life devours lower life

So things which creep close to the ground

Fishes, snakes, toads

Things which live under rocks

And have gaping senseless maws

Prey upon earthworms.

Nothing lives lower than a worm

But everything relies

On the foundation they lay

With their mindless, relentless drive

To consume earth

Pass earth

Be earth


They are blanks

Dirt passes through them

Moistened black

Richer for their contact

They gulp, gulp

Like vacuums

Like straws

Pulsing their way up and down the avenues they have created

A megalopolis underground

Utterly vast



Sometimes, being too blind to see

And too empty to resist

The vital impetus

Pushes them through the soil

Beyond the boundaries of their amniotic grit

Into the open air

Where, cut from contact with their animator,

The little golems shrivel

Into a line of dust

A memory of things

which should not touch light.













Quitting sugar

I’m just not up to snuff tonight, so here’s something abstract and random.




I had a headache this afternoon because I quit sugar again.

I’m not good about staying off of it.

My tolerance keeps building up and then I have to quit again.


Trickling stream

Sourced from the abundance

I hear crystal sounds

I hear the water spray

I hear the rocks


They go deep, deep

I hear the earth

It is the source of all magic

I hear myself

I hear you

I hear the plants, the animals

I feel the connection

We are all

One great big


Biological unit.

This earth

Sustains itself

Even the air is part of us


The earth is a great big chocolate truffle

With a moist outside

Several crispy layers of rock and earth

And on the inside

A warm, spicy, molten core.

I just quit sugar today

Unfortunately I can’t partake

I’ll not be a part of the planet today thank you very much

I’ll just sit on the sidelines and watch.

But before you know it

I’ll build up a tolerance

And find myself eating it again

I just love

That earthy flavor