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Inner Kitten

I didn’t draw tonight! Too too tired.



inside of me is a tiny kitten, shivering

it only eats hugs and chocolate

it must be well fed

it eats every thirty minutes

if it doesn’t get its food

it starts to see monsters

In the shadows on the walls

it shuts its eyes and imagines

and if you let it alone too long

it panics.


here kitty kitty

don’t be scared

these monsters you see

are just your own shadow

this thing with claws

that’s you

this thing with horns

that’s you

this red wall

that’s you

all of it is you

but it’s no use

talking to a kitten

when all it really understands

is hugs and chocolate.













Quitting sugar

I’m just not up to snuff tonight, so here’s something abstract and random.




I had a headache this afternoon because I quit sugar again.

I’m not good about staying off of it.

My tolerance keeps building up and then I have to quit again.


Trickling stream

Sourced from the abundance

I hear crystal sounds

I hear the water spray

I hear the rocks


They go deep, deep

I hear the earth

It is the source of all magic

I hear myself

I hear you

I hear the plants, the animals

I feel the connection

We are all

One great big


Biological unit.

This earth

Sustains itself

Even the air is part of us


The earth is a great big chocolate truffle

With a moist outside

Several crispy layers of rock and earth

And on the inside

A warm, spicy, molten core.

I just quit sugar today

Unfortunately I can’t partake

I’ll not be a part of the planet today thank you very much

I’ll just sit on the sidelines and watch.

But before you know it

I’ll build up a tolerance

And find myself eating it again

I just love

That earthy flavor





Love poem


You are my comfort.

You wrap me in your warm embrace.

Softly console me when I cry.

You know me inside and out.

The only one I can rely on.

Any time, day or night

You are there

Always willing to spark a little joy

Into my waning mindset.

You are so tender

But sometimes you have a little bite.

Rough around the edges

You are bitter enough to match me

You are sweet enough to sweeten me

I can feel my brain chemistry change in your presence

When you are gone your memory lingers.

Why is it that nothing good can last?

My greatest love

My finest friend

My hopeless addiction

O chocolate brownie