Empty Self


Empty self
Empty self
Mantra is to empty self
Pull your feelings off the shelf
And pour them down the drain.

Nobody needs that shit in their life.
Nobody needs the nasty voices
The gut punch of insecurity
The sharp ream of loathing
Nobody needs that mean little chewing creature
In their heads.

Some people don’t have mean little creatures in their heads.
Instead they have burning skyscrapers.
Some people are trapped in a crashing plane,
Or whole self sunk deep under quicksand, waiting for a breath.
Some people have something inside them so damaging,
They can’t even bear to look inward.















  • Brilliant read, Sarah! You visualise anxiety and depression so well 🙂

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  • I imagine that in the same way a depressed or anxiety-ridden person can’t see or function past their pain, perhaps cannot even imagine inner peace, so I think the person who is generally at peace has a hard time seeing or feeling what the other side feels like. That’s where you come in — using words “to visualise anxiety and depression so well” (as Tom says, and I agree), words that help achieve understanding, which hopefully (sometimes?) leads to genuine compassion and possibly even help. Isn’t it all too easy to see the world only through our own eyes? Thank you, Sarah, for giving the world another view.

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