A peep out of me


Smashwords is having a special Authors Give Back sale. People can download my book for free. We haven’t got a lot else to do, right? If we’re very, very lucky, boredom will be our worst enemy. The less lucky have to face loneliness, deprivation, sickness, and grief.

Well, I can’t fix that. But I can fix Bored. For several hours anyway.


I have this insurmountable to-do list on my phone, which I mostly ignore, and periodically angst over. I’m working my way through it at an alarming pace. I wonder how long it’ll last me. My freezer is getting really organized. I’ve figured out how to fight the ants back from the sink. Why aren’t I writing?

I guess I’m still adjusting, still reeling. I haven’t had the confidence to speak about what I’m seeing. For a while there, I wasn’t sure if this was worth worrying about or what.  Then came mental adjustment to new facts. Then came house arrest. Then I had to make fish cakes. Then came denial. Then I just absolutely had to learn how to tune the gears on my bike. Now I think I’ve come to terms, more or less, with whatever the hell is happening.

Have I mentioned how lucky I am? Maybe grateful… blessed… are better ways to put it. My work was already partially remote, so they’re letting us work from home. I didn’t really have that much put away in the stock market… money’s all made up anyway, it comes and goes. I’ve got a cabinet full of grits, rice, and beans if it comes to that. I really have nothing to worry about except other people.

Other people. That’s the only thing worth worrying about, isn’t it? I’m a type B, not a worrier by nature. Not by anybody’s standards. Well, you don’t have to worry about me. I’m not going anywhere. I mean that quite literally.

Missouri’s only got forty-something cases yet. That is, cases which have been tested and reported. Who knows what’s been hacked up out there, invisible, unreported.

It’s strange, behaving like I’m sick when I don’t feel sick. Next time I go out, I’ll get to play bandit with a kerchief on my face. That’s right, a handkerchief. My friends give me shit, because handkerchiefs are my religion. YOU SHOULD HAVE BROUGHT A HANDKERCHIEF, I’ll say, and whip mine out to save the day in every situation.

But I digress. It’s a writer’s prerogative.

So I’ll post more often, because we all need something to read, and it’s nice to know that we’re all alive out there.

Speaking of which… everyone alive out there? My precious reader friends and blogger friends? DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH TOILET PAPER? 

Count off!


P.S. Bloggers might appreciate this. The diary of Samuel Pepys, written in the 1660’s in London during a bout of the Bubonic Plague. 


I haven’t read a lot of it, but one part sticks in my mind: he was having a little house party, everyone was having a nice time, singing songs, then the party had end because two people got toothaches and wanted to go to bed.

Add modern dentistry and modern nutrition to my gratefulness list.














  • Glad to hear you’re alright, Sarah. May you continue that way.

    I’m still kicking. Staying away from other people as much as possible, but still kicking.

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  • I love this post. I love your get-to-it-and-now-what spirit. I love that you read Samuel Pepys (Dan Carlin’s Bubonic Nukes is terrific too, maybe while you are shining up your bike after fixing the gears).We all will continue to discover new tasks, new irritants, new blessings. YOU will continue to BE a blessing — to me always, to others no doubt. I love reading your words. Keep writing!

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  • Punning about Samuel Pepys is a sign of good mental health, in my book, and actually reading Samuel Pepys is an interesting thought I haven’t entertained in decades.

    Speaking of books, I would like to read yours. Let me rephrase that: I would like to read anything that emerges from your fertile mind—though this sounds like a genre I would avoid under other circumstances. I shall attempt to secure a copy.

    My husband and I are faring well so far—living as we do in an epicenter. I’ve described some of this in two of my last three posts. As I like to end on an upbeat note, the most recent has a video of a “four-legged’s” advice to the rest of us on social distancing that I replay every day because I always laugh.

    We have plenty of toilet paper for the nonce but are running low on alcohol and aloe gel, which we were using to make our own hand sanitizer.

    Speaking of toilet paper, I just responded to a blogger who decried the mounting sales of guns and ammo that in my determination to remain calm, I refuse to entertain the image of two well-armed people facing off against each other, with two rolls of toilet paper between them. But perhaps you can use that somewhere?

    Thanks for your inquiry. Here’s to everyone’s good health!

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