Get up


Friends keep us up.
We remain open eyed
Because they shake us.
Get up, they say.
Get your ass out of bed.
Come play.
Look at this beautiful world.
How can you sleep now?
Why are you wallowing like this?
Pull free from this sticky mire
take my hand
I’ll help you.
My example is your example to follow.
I’m awake.
I have troubles.
You do too.
Let me get you a coffee.
















  • I was just reading “On Being Ill” by Virginia Woolf and this sounds incredibly reminiscent of what she was illustrating.

    In your poem, are your friends the positive driving force to keep you going in society—society being what fits political and social status quo—or, are you betraying the idea that we need to function and partake in this potentially agenda-driven society and, rather, are criticizing the friend who essentially forces you out of bed because they “feel what you feel” and will inevitably cover it up with the material, in this case a coffee drink? In either case, I think it’s excellent and proves a point. I’m just curious as to the meaning/interpretation, as you see it!

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    • Ah, people like you make people like me look smart… heh…
      A little bit of both I guess. I suppose I was thinking of it from a depressive’s point of view. The friend is irritating but they’re trying their best to help and that’s sweet. And sometimes it helps, and sometimes it doesn’t, depending on the depth of the depression. Sometimes they are coffee to your soul… sometimes a material coffee is really the best you can offer someone who’s mired, as little gift and an attempt to take care of them. Uh… I was a little vague on this one when I wrote it, and wasn’t too sure if I liked it or not.
      Something I’ve learned while blogging… no matter how clear you think you’re being, someone else will always interpret the piece in a way that makes sense to themselves. We’re all little filters, we can’t help it. Writing poetry has helped me come more to terms with not being understood, and with sometimes not even making sense at all… haha.
      Check this one out. I wrote it as kind of a scary leechy relationship, but many people took it as romantic, which was really jarring:

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  • Do you take your coffee,with cream and sugar or black? Let me offer you a sticky bun to go with it! There now, I’m listening. Mona

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