Nothing Without You


Please don’t leave me.

I need you

To be myself.

I can’t take life without you.

I don’t know what I would do.

I will change.

Whatever I have done wrong, I can change it.

I’ll do the dishes more.

I’ll work out.

I’ll get a better job.

Don’t leave me.

You like that guy better?

I can be that guy.

Whatever he has that I don’t have,

Just let me know what it is,

And I’ll have it too.

Yes, people can change.

I am a blank, empty shell.


Fill me with whatever you need.

I don’t know what I am without you.

I’ll be whoever you need.

How can you turn an offer like this down?

Don’t you want to be worshipped?

Don’t you want a slave?

Isn’t this

The ultimate love?

How can I give you

A fulfilling relationship?


One more chance.

I’ll try harder

To be better.

A new man.

A different man.

Let me try again.















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