Bits and Pieces


I have lots of little bits and pieces floating around. Not quite good enough, or not quite enough substance, for a whole post. But they’re interesting, and they’re clogging up my archives, and I want to stop tripping over them every time I go through my stuff to choose what to post, so here you go.



Today I suffer

From reverse Midas touch

Where everything my skin so much as grazes

Turns to shit.

I’m not giving out hugs today.



I have four little plants in my window box

They are growing

Happy and young and turgid

I do love me a turgid turgid plant.



Everything is a failure

Everything I touch

But every failure I touch is a little better than the last failure

A little less fail in each one



Charles Bukowski

What a nut

So why is it I understand

Everything he says

And everything he is…



The internet is down
And we have nothing to do
But work outside
Watch movies
Pet the cats.
Oh please Mr Internet Man,
Come save us!



I think I will
And if I choose to do so
How many forms of me
Must I maintain?



I hurt.

I rage.

Everything is uncomfortable.

Everyone pisses me off.

I foam

I age

I stabbed something to death today

But when I try to remember what

All I see is red.
















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