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Bits and Pieces 2


Below the blathering is another collection of little poems which didn’t make the cut as standalones, but which I liked too much to delete entirely.

I haven’t been the most reliable at posting this week! Without work as an anchor, my whole routine is thrown. I’m probably going to be sporadic for the rest of the month until all my vacation time is spent. I am doing my best to learn how to be reliable even when not working. So far this week I’m doing better than I did over my last vacation, when I just gave up on posting entirely. I consider this week’s three posts to be progress!



I wish

I wish

I wish I knew

What it is the good girls do.




I may not be much
But whatever I have
I have a lot of.




To find happiness

To find creativity

To fulfill my purpose

To work towards a goal

To improve

To relax

To be still

To accept

To deny

To take

To give

To have time for everyone

To use time efficiently

To be human

Push and pull

To be two





I’m just not feeling very dark today.

I hear a cricket

I see the pond at night

I feel the cool autumn air

I can breathe.




I want a lit cigarette

To take a drag

In drag

To bat my long false eyelashes

At some poor stud

And confuse the hell out of him

Until he doesn’t know

Which way his dick should be pointing.




I like the look of death

I want to lick death’s cheek.

But I’d miss

Because he has no cheeks.




Marble veined skin

Veins of marble

Skin of veins

Don’t kiss me








I am a planet

I drift

I follow the pull of gravity

I watch the worlds dance

I watch myself dance with them

Somehow we always miss each other

We never collide

Neither do we touch




My nose is clogged, my tonsils swole, and then

You tell me I should get back up again

I want to rest, my bed is safe and warm

But no one has the patience for my smarm

Get back to work, get up, get out, go on!

I hear you and I wish you weren’t born.




My only regret is,

If I take care of my health,

I may never have a prosthetic

With which to scare small children.













Bits and Pieces


I have lots of little bits and pieces floating around. Not quite good enough, or not quite enough substance, for a whole post. But they’re interesting, and they’re clogging up my archives, and I want to stop tripping over them every time I go through my stuff to choose what to post, so here you go.



Today I suffer

From reverse Midas touch

Where everything my skin so much as grazes

Turns to shit.

I’m not giving out hugs today.



I have four little plants in my window box

They are growing

Happy and young and turgid

I do love me a turgid turgid plant.



Everything is a failure

Everything I touch

But every failure I touch is a little better than the last failure

A little less fail in each one



Charles Bukowski

What a nut

So why is it I understand

Everything he says

And everything he is…



The internet is down
And we have nothing to do
But work outside
Watch movies
Pet the cats.
Oh please Mr Internet Man,
Come save us!



I think I will
And if I choose to do so
How many forms of me
Must I maintain?



I hurt.

I rage.

Everything is uncomfortable.

Everyone pisses me off.

I foam

I age

I stabbed something to death today

But when I try to remember what

All I see is red.