Yeah, I tried to make it look like a toad [EDIT: the Reader, in its toadlike blandness, ate my formatting! Try opening the page itself if you want slightly less of a disapppointment]. Not my greatest success but I haven’t got much time so, you only get a sort-of toad. Toads are just shaped like gross little wads with feet, right?



Toad sits flatly
His wide mouth stretches open
Tongue like a water balloon hits a flying insect.
Toad is a predator
But how can something so floppy be a predator?
Predators are supposed to be agile, wicked, sharp of eye and tooth
But toad is weak, soft, walleyed, broad and flat.
He may jump high but when he lands he thuds like a bag of mud.
Pick him up and he wets himself, really embarrassing.
His mouth is a bottomless hole
His stomach eternally stretches
And when he sings
All he says is
brrap             brrap






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