Two Lovely People

Two lovely people

My brother and new sister

Gorgeous souls

They are going to live together

They fell in love online

They fell in love through a camera

They fell in love while four thousand miles apart.

They have struggled to be together

They have done SO MUCH PAPERWORK

They have fought their way from the brink of madness

Battled loneliness, isolation, heartache

To find one another on opposite shores.


I am glad they are together

They can find a little quietude

They can be complete now

They fit together

They are going to take care of each other

Snuggle up

Take solace in each other’s eyes

And face the future

Hand in hand

Doubly strong

For the things they have conquered

For the things they will fight together

For the people that they make each other into

They will grow together.

They have so far to go.

They have come so far already.


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