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Inktober – Painted Toenails


She’s just painted her toenails and she likes the way they look.

Autocorrect said, “Painting Tonsils.” I hate letting autocorrect down. Maybe the next one should be that.




I haven’t drawn with real ink in so long, I forgot how tricky it is. I accidentally blooped a big drop on her hair! Fortunately I have many tricks up my sleeve now, and was able to hide it.

I don’t like this drawing very much. I think that’s why I keep blathering about it.














I missed a couple of posts because of Labor Day, or at least that was the plan, but then our Internet broke. So I missed a couple of posts because the Internet broke. That’s a better excuse.


day by day
I decay
pieces of me
fall away


what once was white
now is yellow


wash away
the filth
the jagged edges


again I look
fresh, young


can be deceiving




I was clipping my toenails and I thought, wouldn’t it be funny to write a poem about something as dumb as clipping your toenails? And then I thought, it would be even funnier if it was actually good… let’s give it a shot. This was the melodramatic result.