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And the Stars Wrap Around Me


Eons pass
And the stars wrap around me.
I am born under Capricorn
I grow up under Orion
In the crisp country night
I see black and white.
Under the bright fluorescents of education
I learn what color means.
I get a job
In a room with high speckled ceilings.
I struggle smally.
I see the moon in the mornings
And dappled winter sunsets.
I grow old
Joints from creaks to cries
Complaints from whispers to shouts
My hands grasping at light-pierced blankets
I face my own mortality.
And the stars wrap around me.












Clean Slates


Every day is a clean slate.
Every minute a fresh start.
Every second new.

We are children
We are idiots
All we do is blunder,
Make mistakes.

We’re lucky we get
















I haven’t been writing.
I’ve been fixing up the house.
I only write a little at night
Or when I must.
We go through phases
Like the moon,
Like teenagers.

It seems we can only improve ourselves
In one aspect of our lives at a time.

I want to fix everything.
Fix my health, my house, my job,
Keep up with friends,
Achieve sublime spiritual happiness,
All while writing three books at once
I want it all.

Ah, but we can’t have everything we want.
We are bound by the confines
Of our too-human bodies
And time itself.
















Have you ever met a goal and then felt hollow.
Have you ever attained great height
Only to discover
That the pole you were climbing was the only thing holding you up.

Deprived of our busy
All our razor honed focus
Touches empty time.
We lurch, unexpectedly dizzy.
Vertigo sets in.

It’s the day after Christmas.
It’s a scale reading your goal weight.
An empty inbox.
A renovated house.
When you’re out for a long walk,
but the sidewalk cuts off.

Goals create movement.
Movement ends goals.
Over and over, clunking forward
We struggle like fools
Driving cars with square wheels.














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