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Inktober – On Time p5

Well, I’m learning some of my strengths and weaknesses in comic drawing. It’s difficult for me to think visually!

I like my pacing and plot and expressions. Lettering might be my favorite part next to the script. Panel layout is… Functional. Art is usually passable. World building is shit.  Comparable strengths and weaknesses to my written stories, now that I think about it.  But visual consistency? Nonexistent! Haha, he’s crossing a completely different street today, and he must have carpal tunnel bad because he keeps switching his briefcase from hand to hand. I accidentally put a jacket on him this page, fortunately it worked with the timing, though it was warm enough for him to wear just a polo yesterday…

Oh well. It’s my first multi-page comic. I’m cutting myself a lot of slack. Trying to force consistency breaks my brain and makes it not fun anymore. Right now I’m just happy to be telling a story.

Page 1 here

Page 2 here

Page 3 here

Page 4 here

Page 5 below