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Things Grandma Had


I think I’m going to reduce to posting once a weekday instead of twice. My creative juices are starting to run a bit dry and need to re-moisten. You know how creative juices are. It’s hard to run with an idea if you’re not well-lubed with creative juices.

Well, this was gross. Let’s never talk about creative juices again.



Grandma had a gumball tree.

We would play in her yard

Climb the tree

She used to marvel aloud

at how high we could get

and we’d flush with pride.


Grandma had a kitchen table.

She used it well

Heaping it with purchased food

sweets the neighbors had given her

dishes her family had cooked.


Grandma had four sons.

Three with families

All tall men

Every able-bodied son or grandson

would bump their head

against the low-hanging chandelier.

It was a family joke.


Grandma had cable TV.

We would watch it

and eat ice cream from her freezer


late into the night.


We spent time at Grandma’s

watching TV

and eating

and talking

and eating

and sometimes she would take us out

to eat.

By the time we left her house

we had costume jewelry

or a dollar store trinket in hand.

She wasn’t satisfied

unless you left

belly hard-packed with food

and both hands full of gifts.

When we got home

we couldn’t eat again

for twenty-four hours.


Grandma had a lot of things.

Grandma was a hoarder.

She survived the Great Depression.

But she gave


She once tried to give me

functional furniture

right out of her kitchen.














The Gift you Share

In response to the prompt by Singledust at GoDogGo Cafe.

For the record, this isn’t the best gift I give my friends (I really hope not). I’m probably not a great gift giver, because when I thought back, all I could remember were things I’d received. Also, this was the first thing I thought of that wouldn’t come across too sappy.




Hannah is back from a trip.

She hands me a little jar of jam as a souvenir,

Shy and anxious.

“Do you like it?”


We are at an outdoor festival

But I am not feeling well, so I choose to sit down under a shady tree.

My sisters look worried.

“Can we bring you anything?”


Visiting at my dad’s house

Our stepmother has never had daughters before now.

She is unsure about her new role.

“Can I take you all out for a girls’ day?”


To receive

To let someone else make you happy

Is also a gift