Spoiled almond


I carved another almond today. She’s supposed to have angel wings but… suffice it to say I did my best. Wings are not my forte.



After I carved her, she got glum. She told me she’d been prettier as an almond. I told her she’d be prettier if she didn’t pout. Now she’s sulking on my desk next to the bling and the creepy monkey.



I take anything she does with a grain of salt. She’s a bit of a nut.














  • Thank you for giving me a big smile just now 🙂

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  • Another wonderful, terrible pun!

    What do you use to carve an almond? I would surely slice my finger. But unlike you, I don’t have sufficient imagination (or motivation) to view an almond as a canvas for a potential work of art.

    What might you do with a pigniola nut?

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    • That’s just a pine nut? What a big name for a little thing.
      I WOULD EAT IT but if I had a lot of them I might try to do something. Those are even SMALLER, and even oilier, so it’d probably give me some trouble.
      I used my nice sharp pocketknife, and my fingernails. Kinda gross from a food safety perspective, but very satisfying from a kid-in-the-mud perspective.


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