She keeps sunshine


She keeps sunshine
Like hard candies
In her shirt pocket.
I eager to see her
Because she always
Shares a ray with me.





Two more things:

1. I’m going to go on vacation to England next week! I might not post. If I don’t make any promises, then I’m free from responsibility, and can spend the whole time dead drunk on the floor! Just kidding.Β  I might still schedule some posts. Just don’t be upset if I don’t respond or exist.

2. Have you read Lille Sparven yet? Have I mentioned her before? I don’t remember. Read her stuff. She’ll make you laugh, then break your heart, or vice versa.

3. I love you all. Stay classy, Internet.















  • No worries! The internet is always classy, Sarah!

    I’ll check out Little Sparven, though I don’t have the time to check out even myself these days — because if you recommend her, she’s got to be pure evil joy, and I love pure evil joy.

    I’ve met people like the one you describe in your poem. Otherwise, I wouldn’t believe they could exist.

    Hope you have blast in England! At least your presence in the country will improve the tone a bit.

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  • Hope you have a lovely time here! Sending you hugs from across the pond πŸ™‚

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  • Get drunk at home! Experience everything you can abroad! Have a great time, stay safe and we’ll see you when you return! Love ya, Girl! πŸ™‚ Mona

    P.S. Of course I’ll be checking out Lille Sparven! She’s one of my favs! So glad she’s one of your favs as well! You’re both effin’ amazing is what you are!

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    • Haha, I was lying about getting drunk, that would be a crappy and miserable way to spend my vacation!
      Haa, yeah, I don’t have to tell YOU about Lille… You taught ME about Lille. Has the teacher become the student???


      • OHMMMMMMMMM *sending out the sound of the universe in your general direction, Young Grasshopper, while sitting crosslegged with pinkies and thumbs touching…now legs won’t uncross and they’re cramping…extends middle finger to the universe while shouting curse words and pours herself a stiff drink*

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  • I love this post πŸ™‚ Have a great time!

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  • Pure Evil h— I mean, Pure Evil Joy here … you silly individual … all people are going to read about at this point are gnats. Maybe they’re evil, joyful gnats. Who am I to say? I lack a lab full of tiny electrodes. But thanks for the shout-out and have a bloody blast across the pond! Do leave it intact. I like England.

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