Journal – the best compliments

I realized I’ve been hiding my real writings recently.  Oops, bad Sarah. No secrets. Be open.

It sure was comfortable while it lasted, haha.


Something nice to muse upon… what is the best compliment you ever received?


I was watching old home movies
I saw mom laughing again
The elegance in her hands
Her purity

Kid me came up to her with the camera
I said, “What are your thoughts on life?”
“I’m for it,” she quipped.
“What are your thoughts on death?”
“Also for it.”
Her philosophy would be tested and proved
later in life,
later in death.
She may not have known this word for it,
But she was very Tao.

I always saw mom in me
Her philosophical side,
Her creativity
Her crazies
Her acceptance.

The best compliment I ever received
Was from friends who never really knew mom
They told me I was just like Dad.
Something I had never considered before.
But once I did I knew it was true.

I got his outrageous side,
His caring
His extroversion
His stoicism
His sense of humor.

Both were nonconformist
Both were strong
Both were smart
Both were brave
Both were loving.

I am lucky, so lucky
To have had such parents
I am lucky to have a family
Bound tightly together in common tragedy
I know true tribalism
It’s wonderful
To know who you are
To have a place
To have a role.

Everyone has ever been so good to me
As good as they knew how
They have taught me how to be good to others
Some lessons better than others
I am grateful for everyone
I try to deserve what I have
But not too hard.
Trying too hard to deserve something
Makes you deserve it less,
grow unbalanced.
I must love me
If I am to love others.
Odd that being in the presence of my heroes
Should make me feel so small
We spend our time
Building each other up
And I always leave
Feeling smaller
These people are my people
My family
I love them unconditionally
And they me
I just have to love myself

The cat gave me a compliment today.
She waited outside the shower for half an hour
I take long showers
And when I came out
She purred, happy to see me
Rubbed against my wet leg
Knowing she would get wet
Deciding it was worth it.

My sister tells me to come visit.
I say, I have a nasty cold.
She says, then I’ll make you soup.
The joy of my visit outweighs
The physical discomfort I bring.

Love should not be measured in sacrifice.
The pleasure should outweigh the pain
By a grand margin.
However, it can be a small proof
Here and there
Little heartwarming gestures.
Someone gives you roses
You know they gave up some time and money for them.
Someone gives you food
They made just for you.
Someone reads your blog
Every day.















  • ❤ ❤ ❤
    my favorite compliment: i used to work as a cook/baker in a restaurant that had a huge window to the sidewalk showcasing the kitchen (???) so all day long people would knock on the window & i would smile because it somehow wasn't at all annoying. one time someone slipped a note to the cashier for me saying, "i would walk a million miles for one of your smiles."

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  • The best compliment I ever received was the tears from a man when I read a sad story I wrote. He actually had to get up from our writers’ group and leave until he got control of himself. Mona

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    • Awww. Where is your sad story now? Is it off to be published? Will you blog it???
      I made someone cry before (a song that Don wrote and I sang), and it made me feel guilty and sad and proud all at the same time. I was like, How can I feel this happy that my friend is crying?

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      • Right?!!! I love your singing, btw! When it came to the man that I made cry, yes, part of me felt bad that I made someone cry, but then inside I was also like, “Wow! I made that kind of impact with my writing!” Best worst feeling ever! Story has not been published. I probably won’t blog it. It may end up in a book at some point if I can ever create enough of a following to allow me to publish. Soooo, one of these years. Maybe.

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  • Don’t just Like this post — REALLY Like this (even if I am not sharing a best compliment today). Thank you Sarah. Your love, respect, gratitude, huge heart and gentle spirit shines through. Oh, that all children whose parents did such a good job as yours did should write (or think or say or in some way express) such words about them. Sooooo much love goes into raising kids, so many hours, so many decisions you hope are good ones. They know only a fraction of all those parts but are themselves the sum of it all. It’s an odd formula, a sometimes difficult assessment to make — did I do well? Your parents had to have known they did very well.

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  • Lovely read! 😀
    Probably one of my proudest/guilty moments was when a dear friend had to excuse herself after reading one of my short stories. When she came back she was smiling through her tears, but said it had really helped her cope with her pet passing on. Mixed emotions, but glad it resonated so much with her. ❤

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