More comic art you didn’t want


Each page is getting a little bit better than the last one. It was fun playing with the light and shade this time around.

I’m finally getting to a point where I can actually use the software and make it do what I want! This. Took. Weeks.

Ezekiel cried, dem gray tones!



Oh guess what, now I see mistakes. Time to go to bed!!!















  • He left the light on. *running for cover so she doesn’t throw a frying pan at me*

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  • i always see all my fuck-ups in my art after i post it. then i repeat the mantra (no one will notice…no one will notice…no one will notice)
    see, we the viewers don’t see the mistakes because we are not looking for them…& if we are looking for your mistakes, then we’re just dicks.
    even though i am surly & stubbornly old-school, i am enjoying your adventures with digital art ❤

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    • I really enjoy working with real ink but it IS a mess. Instead of having to worry about the cats spilling the ink bottle, I have instead to worry about the cats chewing on my USB cord. Like everything, it’s different, but the same. 😀
      Also, it’s quite a luxury being able to correct things.

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