Husk. Also my brother is amazing

Allow me a moment to brag on my big brother. He’s got a blog too, actually, on financial freedom.

He’s been blogging for a year and only had about twelve posts total but he’s already gone viral. WTF Josh. Of course he’s engineered it well with the social media, the eye-catching titles, and original well-thought-out content. He’s the oldest so he does everything well. It’s fascinating to me that no matter how similar we might be in genetics and values and upbringing, our blogs turned out to be nearly complete opposites.

I would feel competitive with him, but he’s so far beyond my limits that I just give up say, good for him. I love him tremendously, so I must be happy for him. And it helps to know, in my heart of hearts, that I can always move into his basement.

Welp, time to air my insecurities again.



There was a while there

When I wrote gold

I spun golden threads from flax

I wove silk from cotton

I was an unstoppable force

What happened?

I ran out

I spent myself

Now I’m just a husk

Remembering her glory days

A husk

So dry

So dry.

What is a husk?

Was I once a bright and sweet ear of corn?

What else has a husk?

Mummies are husks

Many plants have them

And so am I


My seed is gone, germinated

And all that is left

Is this husk

A reminder

That once here was life

That once

I too was human

And vibrant

And full

Pregnant with life

With ideas

With words

Words like you’d never heard before

I had rhymes

I had every kind of poem

All that I touched was given power

With language alone

I animated the minds of others.

Now this.

This husk.

This weak and tired




It’s fall

I’ve been harvested.

Nothing left in me

Until next spring.















  • my big brother made a fortune making websites back in the day before websites were a thing even…meanwhile i typed novels no one would ever read on an electric typewriter. we both would brag about the other to our friends–showing pictures, him in a tie & million dollar smile, me with my head half shaved in second-hand clothes. genetics are weird. we totally loved each other despite our blaring differences.
    i’m glad you do your own thing–i love reading your words.

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  • I sometimes wonder what it is like to have something go viral. Overwhelming I would think…

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    • For him, he was pretty distracted at the time, because he was over the moon in love with his bride-to-be and wasn’t even checking his social media, haha. He came back to the net after snogging (she’s English so I can use that word for them) and was like, why do I have 400 notifications?
      I don’t really know what it’s like though. I’m sure it’d take some mental recalibration to go from 10 readers to 10K readers.

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