We Affect Each Other


We affect each other

push and pull on each other’s emotions

if we drown we drag people down with us

if we fly others draft in our wake.


vent your frustrations into somebody’s ear

watch their smile disappear


laugh until they can’t help laughing too

love until they are loving you


It gets bigger.

Sometimes you are part of something beyond yourself

sometimes you are angry for no reason

and the people on the street match your mood

sometimes you overhear conversations

or see a trend on social media

which inexplicably echo your private feelings.


Is it the moon?

Herd instinct?



When I didn’t have feelings

I watched it happen

distantly curious.

Now that I’ve found my heart

I am swayed with the populace

flowing where they flow.

Ardently curious

and still no answer.















  • Sarah, this is so wonderful! I don’t know why, exactly, but this reminds me of the song by Neil Young, “I am a child.” And now I’m smiling and singing to myself! Science has addressed this question that you pose, btw, and has an explanation–mirror neurons. They are actually one aspect of science that doesn’t take away the fun of wondering. Mirror neurons are freaking amazing! I hope you get a chance to look them up. Monkey see, monkey do! Mona

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    • That’s very cool, mirror neurons! We are such monkeys, aren’t we? And what a neat name… maybe I’m appreciating the wrong part, lol!
      I’m still not sure how it seems to happen on a larger scale though. Sometimes it seems like I’ll wake up enraged, in my isolated bubble, and then when I get online I find out that everyone in the nation is also enraged. Or it works with happy stuff too. Like, I’ll be in a great mood and everyone else seems to be posting silly things that day, and we can’t even see each other’s neurons! Maybe a mirrored mood can travel at the speed of reflecting light, and spreads through the people faster than I can conceive. Maybe I can catch a mood from a passing co-worker and not even know it…
      That song is adorable. :3

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  • Very cool theory, there, Sarah! I like it! Also, there’s the Flap of a Butterfly’s Wings can create a tsunami across the world theory and then there’s Jung and his Collective Unconscious! So one’s scientific based, the others are philosophically based! I think they all tend to work together! BTW, you should join our bloggers group, Dungeon of Loom on FB. We have a lot of fun over there! If you want to join, look us up and I or someone else will let you in! We’d love to have you join us!

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