Playing Bogart

I’m very tired and I’m not making any sense and this is the best thing I wrote tonight so… that means it’s the best thing you’re going to get from me tonight.


A jazz club

A woman with smoky eyes

Husky voice

Charcoal dress.

You’re playing Bogart in your trenchcoat

Well, she sees right through you.

She approaches

Cigarette in her perfect lips

Gives you a smoldering look

And says, help a gal. My cigarette burnt out.

You and me, doll

You say

Don’t amount to a hill of beans in this world.

That’s not right, she says.

Play it again Sam, you say.

Also not right. Stop talking she says.

You fumble with your lighter

She snaps it out of your hand.

Gives you a demonic look

Flicks the lighter

Jazz music stops.

Let’s blow on the embers, baby

She says

Let’s burn the building down.




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