“Goodnight,” he whispered, kissing her softly.

Juliana slept through it. So beautiful, with those long black curls and that delicate bone structure. How had a loser like him ever managed to snag this angel?

She’d rejected his first proposal, and his second. But eventually his persistence paid off. Their first night together, he carried her over the threshold, and they made love. After, he cried. Juliana never judged him for his tears.

The next morning, she let him put her in a dress which he’d picked out for her, and burn the clothes in which her family had buried her.


  • This was not to my taste, but I was fascinated by it anyway. Oddly mixed feelings.

    Normally, I would not read more than three or four posts on a blog at a time, Hell, but you’ve certainly created an interesting blog here. Takes some effort to do that. Thanks for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m happy to hear that necrophilia isn’t to your taste!
      Horror is definitely not for everyone… but it’s so fascinating to me: what scares us, what we abhor, and the human tragedies that hide behind these things.
      I really really appreciate your looking through some posts! I guess I’ll be a grown up and make an effort to comment more on yours too… 😀 I love reading your writing, comedy is SO frigging hard to do and you do it beautifully.


      • Please don’t feel under any obligation to reciprocate. That would not be fair you to.

        And thanks so much for the fine compliment!

        But, Sarah, I should point out I never said necrophilia was not to my taste, just that the poem was not. In high school I worked after hours in a funeral home, and naturally there were benefits to the job. 😀

        Just kidding. About the benefits, but not about the job.

        Liked by 1 person

  • Oh, that must have been an interesting job! And sexy to boot!
    Okay, I’ll comment, but only if I feel I have something to say. We’re bloggers… so you understand, that’s not going to be very difficult.


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