Mistakes make interesting things happen

So I started to draw this cartoon about the fire drill at work, and the way nobody gave a damn. But I made a bad mistake on one of the people, overcorrected, finally gave up, rolled with the mistakes, and made it a full-on wookiee.


Of course this was wildly distracting and since the paper is pink, I can’t white it out. I’m too lazy to redraw the image or photoshop it out. I thought it would be a funny, lazy fix if I just cut it out.


Somehow this made the whole cartoon a lot darker, especially when you look at my desk as a whole. Suddenly it’s a commentary on isolation and depression. I’m generally a pretty upbeat gal, but my dark sense of humor always ends up taking my work to horrible places.


Poor lonely mistake of a wookiee. It got ignored and went away… but where can it go, really? Its whole world is that one piece of paper; even if it tries to leave the paper, it’s still a part of it. Heh.

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