In Fashion

There is an ever changing beauty standard.

It is so slow, it can only be noticed

Every ten years

And the women’s hair and faces magically morph to meet this standard.

It’s like they don’t even have to try to change

It just happens.

Every ten years

The clothes change.

Everyone wears what is presented to them by the fashionable stores

And advertisement.

Every ten years

The human body changes with it.

Big butts, big boobs, tall shoes, abs, toned arms, long legs, tall hair, thick eyebrows, hair color, skin color

It’s incredible how much we can change of ourselves.

Every ten years

The music standards change

Everyone sings with the same voice

Everyone plays the same instruments

And has the same emotion

Everyone lives in the same house

Reads the same books

Watches what is on Netflix

Has the same job

Is this happiness?

What the hell are we

We are ants

Without a queen

Following the ant in front of us

In a death spiral.


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