Kitty has bladder stones

I don’t want my kitty to die.

I don’t want him to be sick.

I hate seeing him in pain.

He’s just fluffy and nice and doesn’t need this.

Hopefully surgery will help.

Poor kitty.

I want him to play again.

It’s my fault you know.

I fed him spinach

Only a little bit as a treat each day

But it must have built up in his system.

It’s frustrating.

You try and do the right thing

And another wrong thing is done anyway.

You keep the kitty inside

To prevent it getting hit by cars

Instead it gets struck by disease

Obese from boredom and inactivity

You feel bad for keeping it inside so you give it greens

Then it gets another disease from that.

Fucking cats should fucking be outside.

I’d so much rather he be hit by a car than this.

But Don doesn’t get it.

Modern medicine is a shitty fucking thing

You get to stretch out a life

You can’t really fix anything

But you can choose your manner of death, I guess.

What is the Tao way to handle this?

The Tao way would be to let him be outside and play

He would be so much happier

He would get his exercise

And unlimited grass to eat

And unlimited creatures to murder in that cold sociopathic cat way

And unlimited risk.

I want to let him have what he wants

Kitties are perfect in their Tao

They know what’s good for them

Unless it’s spinach.


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