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going up the hill to the house, we


going up the hill to the house, we
saw flowers that she loved, and picked them
black eyed susans, sweet williams, daisies, columbine.
we gripped them in our plump warm hands.
by the time we made it, panting,
having stopped for toads and all the small things,
we presented them to her half-wilted.
“ragweed gives me allergies” she would say, plucking one of them out.
the rest would go in a vase of honor on the kitchen table
a small token of each others’ love.

going down the hill to the creek, we
see flowers that she loved, and pluck them
dandelions, sweet williams, violets, asters.
at the bottom trickles clear water
over mossy gray rocks
and we tip her ashes in.
they are white
like her hair
pure white
like her devotion
white like the sugar in her blood
like the angels she adored.
they swirl the water opaque
atop it we scatter the flowers
a painter’s palette of Missouri colors
blackberry, butter yellow, sap green, slate.

the sandy ashes sink.
it takes a full hour for them to wisp away
grain by grain into the gentle landscape.
we’re used to waiting for her.
no matter how we tried to rush,
she always did move slowly,
tasting her fine wine time.














Going for a run on my favorite trail


Going for a run on my favorite trail

An overabundance of kudzu wraps everything in a fluffy green blanket

Then the rain starts to fall.

I am surrounded by wildflowers

Their leaves and stems wetly reflecting the cloudy white sunlight.

How can I continue to be unhappy

When I am surrounded by wildflowers?


I stop to pick up burgers for dinner

The rain still cooling me through.

My waiter is an exceptionally beautiful kid

With clear skin, fearless blue eyes,

And a cowlick in his hair.

At the table next to me, three girls launch into a few bars of song

Then break down into laughter.

Through the thick soup of conversation

One voice isolates itself.

It is saying,

“Pull my finger.”

How can I continue to be unhappy

When I am surrounded by cheeseburgers?