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Who invited the TV


The TV is always chattering chattering away like a deaf old relative with no sense of when to stop clueless of your nonverbal cues that you want to leave it tells you story after story pausing partway through each one to turn into a door to door salesman interrupting itself with its own rambly advertisements buy this buy that lies lies lies and then it’s finally back to the story you want to know but just when it gets interesting and you start to really focus on things, it grabs your attention, it’s interesting, it’s fascinating! it’s a cliffhanger the story cuts off abruptly and it’s back to ads ads ads ADD ADD













The Reader


I long for worlds I have never seen.

I am weak with nostalgia for people I’ve never met.

I grieve, broken from the loss of an imaginary friend.

I am giddy at the prospect of pretending to meet these nonexistent loved ones again.

A show every Friday night at seven.

New chapter release on the first of the month.

The game comes out in time for Christmas.

I am fulfilled, thrilled, excited

I laugh, fight, cry, fall in love, win, lose,


Able to forget

For a brief span of time

That this adventure too must end

And I will be faced

With the dead air

The closed book

The black screen

And unforgiving reality.