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fomented, divided, abandoned, regained
we are still children yet

what will tomorrow’s trials teach us?
who will fall?
who will flourish?
what pain will bear
what art?

life does not get easier.
we will have days even worse than this,
enough to tear our souls apart.
unquenchable anger.
unfathomable loss.
we will bend, burn, bellow

if we can listen we can learn

from each successive conflagration
never victorious
but wiser, truer
more grateful
aligned in the sudden extremes.

My head is a jigsaw puzzle

My head is a jigsaw puzzle.

Every once in a while

If I have a lot of quiet time to focus

I manage to put together enough of it

I can almost make out the image

I can almost touch


And then life shows up

With his goddamn beer bong

And his asshole friends

Somebody starts swinging punches

And they knock over the whole table.