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Definitely on a silly streak lately. Not one thing I wrote last night made much sense.




The weather affects us all.

Soon the harvest moon will turn

And I will turn with it.

Life is complicated.

I change from dog to girl

And back

But my food choices do not change inside me

And something deep within is alarming.

When I was changed

I ate something a human shouldn’t eat.

My body is a mystery

My dog body doubly so.

Today I’m putting hot sauce on all the turds in the yard.

My human self must train my dog self.

I sit in the yard

Collar around my neck

Waiting for transformation

And thanking God for privacy fences.













Inspired by Word of the Day prompt.



I am

a spider-smear on the wall

a tired little sigh from an old lady on the bus

gum on the sidewalk




Then you turn your head and look at me

You can see me.

I look down at my new hands

I am a woman, with such hands as these?

Is this shining hair my own?

And these strong legs carrying my weight?

I daren’t look in the mirror yet.

Not until you prove my face real

with a kiss.