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An iridescent spider weaves a web
Her whole body moves like a single hand
Knotting lace.
Pull, stretch, dip, next
Pull, stretch, dip, next.

My friend prepares dinner
Slicing grape tomatoes
Graceful and relaxed at her kitchen counter.
Set, slice, bowl, next
Set, slice, bowl, next.

My sister crochets a hat
Curled on the couch on a cold winter day,
Listening to a movie while her hands work.
Loop, hook, pull, next
Loop, hook, pull, next.

I enter data
At work wearing headphones
Music distracting my mind from my hands.
Check, copy, paste, next
Check, copy, paste, next.

Repetitive motions get us through our days.
Work is work, everywhere you look.
The rhythms and pulses of life don’t change.
And they are the same
For every creature.














Black Widow


Black widow

Goddess of her kind

Delicately explores her space

Eight times over.

Obsidian body

Sharp temper

Sharper touch

Meddle in her schemes

And risk her wrath.

When she is still

She is a pebble.

When she moves

She phases.

Gravity is her plaything.

A small jewel


Tread lightly ye mortals

Pray you do not draw her focus

Seeing the arachnid queen is an honor

You may survive her beauty

Only if she favors you.