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it’s fine.


hold still and listen.

you have time.

that dead weight pressing down from overhead,
the ticking clock,
the way it interrupts silence,
an illusion.

you have time.

time to make, time to fill
there is always
one more minute.

talk to your friends
waste your moments
make french toast
watch TV
read books

that buried alive feeling
the you-havent-done-enough
the you-havent-done-it-right
the you-arent-who-you-should-be

you made that up.
leave it behind and see how nothing changes
except a renewed sense of freedom
a cool breeze, a new car, a flushed cheek











Inktober – Tranquil

I drew this as a card for a friend who is retiring. He’s leaving the rat race, get it?

The Inktober prompt for today was Tranquil, so that worked out.



So far, I feel like Inktober has forced me to draw, but it’s also rushed me to finish in one night. I won’t make that mistake on the next one though. I’m going to take my time on it! …hopefully.















To Rendezvous with Time

When I was a child

Time and I were friends.

We used to sit together

Enjoying the sunset through the trees

Spending evenings after dark watching fireflies

Just feeling the cool air nip at our fingertips.

But time and I had a falling out.

I stopped communing with her. I started making demands.

I told her what to do, what needed to be done. She was never enough for me.

She fled

As time is wont to do

I chased her too hard

But time cannot be tamed

She must be approached with respect.

When you calm down

She’ll come back and join you.

But only if you give her a place to sit.