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Captured image


See a frame on the wall
Inside the frame
A photo of a small animal
Tiny ribcage
Whiskered cheeks
It looks back at you
With piercing rat eyes
Reflecting red
And hisses.
The photograph
Hates you
So much.

Life is harder
Inside a picture frame.
It’s easy for you
Able to reach out at will
For a conversation or some tea.
But those who are trapped
Remain a spectacle,
Nothing to eat
But still life.

















Do you hear it?

Please say you do too

Scratching, scuttling, nervous sounds

Like a small animal

Whose heart flutters at 200 beats per minute

Whose teeth must ever




It skitters in the walls

Tiny nails abrading wood

But worse

The tiny teeth!

Nibbling the bones of the home

The rafters

The foundation

Scratching the insulation

Gnawing, nesting, breaking down, carrying on

Now you know how crazy people feel

Hearing rats in the walls

It’s a sound which can shatter your sanity

What if you could never escape?

Those constant little scritches

The sound, the feel of damage

That intense high strung entity

So busy inside

Your ceiling and walls

What if you could never escape?














Inktober – Tranquil

I drew this as a card for a friend who is retiring. He’s leaving the rat race, get it?

The Inktober prompt for today was Tranquil, so that worked out.



So far, I feel like Inktober has forced me to draw, but it’s also rushed me to finish in one night. I won’t make that mistake on the next one though. I’m going to take my time on it! …hopefully.