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Haibun – Winter Maneuver


Winter  attempts an advance against fall. To one side of the road, a cold snowscape of white-laced grass, two-tone evergreens, ancient gnarled branches softly pillowed with marshmallow, a study in black and white. To the other, fresh grass scattered with the discards of the glowy orange maple, the radiant yellow fingers of the gumball tree, the startling neon red of the burning bushes. Winter is gaining ground against the bounteous color, blotting out the many-hued lawns with pure white primer, heaping icing on the trees’ heads. The trees, still warm and flexible, shake the wet snow from their glorious manes, spattering sidewalk and pedestrian alike with gobs of slush. Dripping sounds off from all sides, in full stereo. Splat. Splat-splat. It was not the sky, but the trees which rained.


Ever she dances

Nature’s unconscious graces

Embrace all conflict














Rain poem

What is it about the rain.

Maybe because it is the only thing left that man cannot touch.

Its anger may kill us

and there is nothing we can do.

It makes one feel small

to know the rain,

the lightning, the thunder.

The largeness of it all

envelops the sun

until even the tallest building

casts no shadow.


Everybody runs from the rain.

Everybody hides.

The ones who embrace the rain are anomalies.

To stand in the rain

is to stand alone.

There is a stereotype that these are the ones who know how to live.

No. These are the ones who turn to embrace

their own destruction.

And in doing so,

they live more brightly.

Under the flickering lightning

only they

cast shadows.