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Tonight was a bust

I was going to draw tonight, but I didn’t complete anything. It’s the cat’s fault. He crawled into my lap, working his way much higher than usual, leaving no room for my clipboard and pencil. Then Molly joined him, and they squeezed their eyes shut in perfect kitty bliss, as if to say, “Drawing can wait. Enjoy your snuggles to the fullest.”

Everybody knows you can’t win against a cat. I had no choice but to submit to their mighty influence.

















Digs its fingers into me

And leans down with full force.

My friends text me.

Come out and play, they say.


Don says, look at how lazy you are. Do some work.


Something is going to have to exert some serious pressure

To get me to move.

But what could be stronger

Than this heavy inertia?

Gravity has maxed out

Right on my lap.