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I like my cats



I like my cats.

They’re soft and cute.

Their ears stick up.

Their tails stick up.

They don’t make a ruckus.

They follow me quietly.

They balance grace on their shoulders.

Their eyes are cautious yellow topaz.

When they lick yogurt off my finger

They are delicate, gentle

Careful with their claws and teeth

And they purrrrr














Better Days

I don’t have any writing to post today. I wrote a short short story, but it stunk. Now I’m rewriting it slightly longer, and it’s taking an actual time investment. You guys should be proud of me, putting in effort. I’m so damn lazy.

This was my only creative effort worth posting. Since this meets my quality standards, you’ll believe me when I tell you the story I wrote was bad.

Oh my gosh, I just spent hours learning how to use apps and enduring all manner of technical difficulties for this video. The truly lazy understand that two hours of tech navigation is easier than taking five minutes to rerecord something. I could have written an enjoyable story or poem in all that time…

…but you’re still stuck with the stupid cat song.


Journal – Sick kitty and pasta

I had a rough day today. Kato kitty is sick. I took him to the vet and he has bladder stones! Poor kitty. She gave me meds and special food to hopefully break them up. When I got home, I was all stressed out by the cats being stressed out, and Don started asking me a lot of hard questions about the decisions I’d made, and I was like, wait a minute, why didn’t you go with me? FROM NOW ON you go with me to the vet.

Then I got extra tired and needed a nap, as I will do when I’m stressed. When I woke up, the concept of giving the kitties separate foods and giving Kato antibiotics every day for a while wasn’t unapproachable at all. Everything was fine and I was capable again. We administered the drugs without any trouble, and Kato likes his new food.

I used to be repressed, to the point where I didn’t have feelings about much and didn’t know what I wanted. I’m much better now, but still have some room to grow. I am a little startled by how upset I got over Kato’s sickness. This is a good thing for me, though. Since I’ve gotten in touch with my emotions, I’m not sure how I’m going to deal with something horrible like a pet dying. I guess I’ll have to wait and see. Maybe I’ll throw a big fit. I threw a small fit today. Don was alarmed, lol.

Here was a nice thing about today: a Brioche Burger Bun with Butter and Blueberries. I like to do this instead of jam. It feels healthier and has a nice fresh flavor.

I also had homemade pasta with seafood and sausage, but it’s two days old, and for some reason, it tasted 100% like Spaghetti-o’s. There was a lot of love in that pasta, I made it for my dad and brother’s birthday, spent over $30 and four hours on that meal, Jessica’s kids and I made the pasta by hand, and it turned into frigging spaghetti-o’s? What kind of a world do we live in where injustices like this can happen?? At least I know it’s more nutritious but I still have to make my way through another serving. It’s a little bit funny though. Maybe if I warm it up right next time it won’t be so bad.

Well, that’s all the guts I have to spill.