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To Those Who Wish to Improve the World


I respect anyone

who has kept their heart alive

in this waging world of ours.

the movers and shakers

blood and marrow donators

charity fund raisers

politics chasers

People who go out into the cold

and find someone

who needs a jacket.

People who give everything

who are betrayed and taken advantage of

who stand up again

and again

and walk back into the fray

a broad field of blood, death and destruction

they go right out to the middle

and try to stop the madness

or at least

just try to save one life.













angels are


oh I feel that crazy

a’creepin on me

things are gettin hazy

gettin hard to see


oh I feel that satan

tryna tell me wrong

that fella’s good at talkin

sings a pretty song


oh I feel that hatred

swallowin my guts

fight what’s on the inside

that’s how you go nuts


there’s a way

a door, a door

but I can’t find

the way no more


fuck my inhibitions

fuck my childhood too

fuck my gentle nature

do what sadists do

today we kill

tomorrow we maim

this week we bomb

a people train

let’s be the best

at being worse

we’re nothing but

live liverwurst

to shoot to score

to be a whore

to live to die

don’t fucking cry

it’s only another few days mama

we’ve only got this to behave mama

we can’t escape we are slaves mama

we’re children of angels

cuz angels are good

and angels are bad

and angels are–