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Cute Spider

Yesterday, on lunch, my friend Hannah and I met the cutest little spider.

I’ve been reading Dragonball to her on lunch. Reading Dragonball aloud is the most hilarious thing. You should definitely try it. It’s very important that Hannah has a firm background in the classics, so I’ve taken it upon myself to educate her in this regard. Needless to say, she is a very patient friend.

As I was screaming at her, the spider came up to us. He stood on our table and always had at least one foreleg outstretched, like the pinky finger of a tea drinker. Often he had two legs out. He was so dainty. The pictures Hannah took give him scary black spikes on his legs, but he actually had fluffy clear spikes.



If I poked at him, or if the camera got too close, he would do fast little parkour hops and bank off of the thing in the most alarming and stop-motion way. Have you ever noticed, some spiders move in stop-motion? Especially jumping spiders.

We decided he was looking to catch a fine breeze and let him use our table, but he was really extra and distracting. Dragonball was pretty much a bust that day.