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Lady Chaos

lady chaos

give me your blessing

i will switch sides

join, break, create, destroy, live, die, i will become you

lady chaos

you are already within me

my heart is black and red by turns

i cannot be everything at once

but i am anyway

warm human blood threads my veins

and icewater

i am primed with your changeable ichor

pump me up, let me loose, see what havoc i wreak


men with their puny plans

trying to set order

nothing tempts her like security

she eats empires, grinding even the ruins back down into shapelessness

she tosses fortunes to beggars

our lives hinge upon her whim


you throw me down

build me up

and when you are done with me

cast me aside

i know you’ll return

you always return


i carry her wishes           

(i hear her laughing)